Nevada Healthy Homes Partnership

Principles of Healthy Housing

The Surgeon General’s report defines a Healthy Home as one that “is sited, designed, built, renovated, and maintained in ways that support the health of residents”. Furthermore the report indicates that Healthy Homes should be safe, affordable, accessible, and environmentally friendly.

Download The Surgeon General's Call to Action To Promote Healthy Homes external link report.

In an effort to respond to the Surgeon General’s Call to Action, the National Center for Healthy Housing (a non-profit organization) developed educational programs to train health and housing professionals on how to establish healthy, safe, and green homes in their communities. The Training Center partnered with the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) to develop the Healthy Homes Specialist (HHS) credential.

The credential requires mastery of the concepts of The Seven Principles of Healthy Housing, which include keeping homes: Dry, Clean, Ventilated (Air Fresh), Pest-Free, Safe, Contaminant-Free, and Maintained. The Nevada Healthy Homes Partnership has adopted these principles for use in their Healthy Homes project, but has also added an eighth related principle, which includes keeping homes “Green”.

In brief, the Principles are as follows:

  1. Keep it Dry
  2. Keep it Clean
  3. Keep the Air Fresh
  4. Keep it Pest-Free
  5. Keep it Safe
  6. Keep it Contaminant-Free
  7. Keep it Maintained
  8. Keep it “Green”