Nevada Healthy Homes Partnership

How to Qualify

To be considered for our program, occupant and building property must meet the following guidelines:

Property Eligibility

  1. Building must be built before 1978.
  2. Restricted property locations, contact us for details.

Occupant Eligibility

  1. Low income household, as compared to Area Median Incomes (AMI)(see Table 1 income limits below).
  2. Priority is given to the following situations:
    • A child 5 years old and under that lives or spends time on the property.
    • A pregnant woman that lives on the property.
Table 1. FY 2014 HUD Income Limits Summary: Clark County, Nevada
Household Size
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Low (80%) $34,450 $39,400 $44,300 $49,200 $53,150 $57,100 $61,050 $64,950 $68,880
Very Low (50%) $21,550 $24,600 $27,700 $30,750 $33,250 $35,700 $38,150 $40,600 $43,050
Extremely Low (30%) $12,950 $14,800 $16,650 $18,450 $19,950 $21,450 $22,900 $24,400 $25,830

Note: Contact us for program information at 1.888.524.0227.

Verification and Intake

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Occupant Information

*First and Last Name:


*City: *ZIP Code:

*Contact Number:

Language Preference:

Referring Agency

*Is an agency referring this occupant?

Household Information

*Combined Annual Household Income:

*Number of Family Members:

*Is anyone in the home 5 years old or younger?

*Is anyone in the home pregnant?

*Was the home built before 1978?

*Is the home in the City of Henderson?

*Are you aware of any lead-based paint in the home?

Does anyone in the home 17 years old and younger have asthma?

What is your greatest concern about your home?

Submitting this referral form does not guarantee the occupant will qualify for the program. Program staff will contact the occupant within three business days to follow-up.

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Note: All Healthy Homes specialists will present a valid picture I.D. upon entrance to a home.