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The Healthy Homes Initiative

In 2009, the United State’s Acting Surgeon General, Steven Galson, issued his Call to Action to Promote Healthy Homes. external link

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The Surgeon General recognized that poorly maintained homes increase the risk for injury and illness for millions of people (of all income levels, geographic areas, and walks of life) who continue to live in and spend a large majority of their time in unhealthy homes.

The report stated that “the leading preventable causes of death, disease, and disability are asthma, lead poisoning, deaths in house fires, falls on stairs and from windows, burns and scald injuries, and drowning in bathtubs and pools” – which may all be attributable to the home. The connection between human health and the condition of the home environment has never been more apparent.

The Call to Action describes the steps people can take to protect themselves from health hazards in their home. The Call to Action also highlights the need to teach people about the steps they can take to change unhealthy and unsafe behaviors at home. Finally, the Call to Action urges the public health community and others to create dynamic, coordinated, holistic efforts to improve the health of our nation’s homes.

Download The Surgeon General's Call to Action To Promote Healthy Homes external link report.